Different Types of Wine Glasses and Their Uses

Coffee tastes great all the time once it is served in diner mugs with thick rims. Similarly, drinking wine also gets better because of its serving vessel as well. This is indeed true, a perfectly paired wine and glassware does boost the flavor. To know more about the different types of wine glasses and their respective uses, continue reading this article:

Flute Glass

This glass is best used for sparkling wines, particularly Prosecco.

  • Very classy
  • The greatest option if you want to preserve the sparkling wines’ bubble finesse
  • Super difficult to wash
  • Can be toppled over easily since it has very poor balance

Flute glasses aren’t really that well-liked in the area of high-end Champagne. It is probably due to the fact that they aren’t specifically great in terms of conveying aromas, which is the strength of Champagnes. Instead, you can utilize a universal or white wine glass.

White wine glass

This glass is best used for white wines, where the emphasis is on floral and delicate fruit aromatics. The perfect wines for this glass are Albariño, Torrontés, and Chenin Blanc.

  • Aids in preserving chilled white wine temperature
  • Great at emphasizing citrus and floral aromas
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Not recommended for great wines (makes them less rich and taste more tart)

Aroma collector wine glass

This glass is also identified as “Burgundy Glass.” This glass is perfect with red wines, which are lighter-bodied, such as Pinot Noir. It is also a great glass option for rosé and oak-aged Chardonnay.

  • Great in terms of conveying aromas
  • Not suitable for most sparkling wines, especially those dry and lean ones
  • Very striking to stick your nose into and look at
  • They can easily break

Oversized wine glass

This glass is usually termed as “Bordeaux” glass. You should definitely use this for the majority of rich red wines. Its large opening is perfect to lessen the tannin all over your tongue, which makes wines taste much suppler and smoother. So, the shape of an oversized wine glass is a stellar selection for bolder red wines like Touriga Nacional, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sagrantino,

  • Best used for wines that are bold red and high in tannin
  • Makes wine taste good
  • Extremely striking to look at
  • Difficult to clean once you have larger hands

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